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We are providing cleaning services in kochi for :
Multinational Companies | Banks | Corporate Offices | IT Companies | Industrial Units | Hospitals | Hotels Villa | Flat, Apartments | Houses | Offices and shops etc

Residential Housekeeping Services in Kochi

Residential Housekeeping

Clean Floors, Carpets, rugs and stairs
Clean & Sanitize floors and tile walls
Cleaning all washrooms
Glass Cleaning, Windows
Hobe, Fridge, and stove
Vacuuming and scrubbing
Wipe vanity/ Cabinets/Shelves
Cleaning Cabinets, Cupboards and all furniture
Sanitizing & Disinfecting
Cleaning Ceiling fans and AC
Floor Cleaning and Scrubbing
Clean all Electrical & Electronic Items
Residential Housekeeping Services in Kochi

Industrial & Office Cleaning & Housekeeping

Clean all skirting and doors
Clean all sockets and switches
Clean all skirting boards
Clean workplaces and computers
Glass Cleaning, Windows
Vacuuming and Scrubbing
Clean all washrooms
Cleaning ceiling fans and AC
Sanitizing and disinfecting
Hoover and mop all floors and stairs
Floor Cleaning and scrubbing
Clean all electrical and electronic items
Make sure all the property is dust free
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Sanitization & Disinfection Services

Disinfectants are products that destroy all organisms. Disinfecting requires a stronger solution to destroy germs rather than simply reduce them. Our experts doing best disinfection services

Sanitizing is a chemical process that even kills germs on surfaces to make them safe for contact. Sanitizers are agents that destroy 99.999 percent of bacteria .While different, both methods are a step up from regular cleaning because cleaning only removes visible dirt. When you sanitize or disinfect, you are removing potentially harmful bacteria that might not be visible to the naked eye.
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house cleaning services - cleannet cleaning kochi

Housekeeping Manpower Supply

CleanNet is capable to provide the manpower to the company in need, we have a huge network of skilled workers with us. All the labours are well trained in their respective fields.If there is a lack of experience then we can give additional training .
house cleaning services - cleannet cleaning kochi

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