Residential Housekeeping Services in Kochi, Ernakulam

Cleaning and maintaining your home would have been a nightmare. But, with the help of our professional residential housekeeping services, you have nothing to worry at all. We understand your requirement and have tailor-made solutions designed for them. With just an on-call chat with our team, you will get convinced with the expertise that we possess. Our team would be more than delighted to explain to you the process that we undertake 

We are operating from Kochi and have end-to-end solutions crafted to resolve all of your residential housekeeping needs. Our staffs are well trained and highly conversant even with the latest trends and techniques in residential housekeeping. 

When you approach us with your requirement of residential housekeeping, what we do first and foremost is to understand your specific requirement and then we will suggest you the service that is apt for your home. We always explain the step-by-step process that would be carried out. This is because, we care for your home and your wellbeing. 

We take extra care of your delicate and fragile household items while we are into the process. And at the same time, we make sure that every nook and corner of your home is cared for. We examine the areas and operate on techniques that best works for your place.

Our Housekeeping Services in Kochi Includes:

Carpets and Upholstery 

Carpets, doormats, upholstery that are within the premises needs thorough cleaning and drying later, as a pile of dust accumulates on it. We make sure that none of your upholstery is missed out.

Bathrooms and fittings

Bathrooms are the dwelling place of disease spreading bacteria and microbes. We not only clean your bathrooms and fittings but also make sure that the area is sanitised and disinfected too. The cleaning agents and solutions that we use are of prescribed format and do not leave any acid kind of odour. Even our bathroom cleaning solutions are of good fragrance, that leaves your bathrooms fresh and new even hours after we are done.

AC Vents and Exhausts

Air conditioners and exhaust fans are the breeding grounds of insects and moths especially because there is always air passage and dust and dirt tend to accumulate. We make sure that these are cleaned thoroughly. This is one among the major areas that we look into particularly when we are into residential housekeeping. 

Windows and Blinds

Windows, curtains and blinds that lie covered in dust and germs are the prevalent thing that need proper cleaning. Dust-laden windows function as a barrier to sun rays and generate an unhygienic atmosphere. We know exactly what technique to use on these areas of your home to resolve such issues.

Cupboards and Cabinets

The favourite place for cockroaches, bugs and moths. We have specially designed plan to get rid of all of them from your cupboards and cabinets. Maintaining your cabinets clean and tidy will safeguard you against any kind of disease and viral assaults. Our residential housekeeping process is  follows cautious steps to take care of your cupboards and cabinets. 


The floors of your home take a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. Deep cleaning of the floors implies rejuvenating them entirely with the top instruments, cleaners and machinery. Once again, your floors can look clean, shiny and new. Deep cleaning of your hard surface floors is a must at regular intervals. 


We are the best residential cleaning service providers in Kochi and we guarantee you quality services at affordable prices. Our customers are fully satisfied with our services and we always look forward to upgrading ourselves with constant research and updated training of our staffs, that helps us to serve you the best.

For a professional residential housekeeping and thorough cleaning, you can always trust on us. We want to keep your environment healthy for every season. Ongoing residential housekeeping or a deep clean, we handle it all, so that you can focus on the tasks and relationships that matter to you! Why settle for anything less, when you can get the best from us.